Real Estate Talk:  Commercial Real Estate Investment Properties in Melbourne FL

Real estate has three types namely residential, industrial and commercial. Residential real estate properties refers to residential houses, condominiums, pads or apartments, while the examples of industrial real estate properties are factories, laboratories or warehouses used in manufacturing goods.  Commercial real estate pertains to a property solely intended for business purposes, and it is being leased out for work space and not for a living or residential space. Commercial estate properties include office space, restaurants, convenience stores, hotels, strip malls, gas stations and shopping centers.

The typical scenario in commercial real estate is that the owner of the building is the investor who allow it to be leased, and then gain revenue from collecting a rental fee from each retailer who operates the business. The lease rates of commercial real estate properties is generally quoted in annual rental amount per square foot. The most common terms of leasing a commercial real estate property is from one year up to ten years, with retail and office spaces with an average of five to ten years. Generally, tenants who have larger spaces have longer lease terms, whereas for those who rent smaller spaces have shorter-term leases. Both the tenant and the landlord have various levels of responsibilities in leasing, and the four types of commercial property leases are single net lease, double-net lease, triple-net lease and gross lease.

The classifications of office space for reant properties include class A for the best buildings in terms of location, age, quality and aesthetics, class B for older and not as good as class A , and class C which are the oldest, usually over twenty years of age found in less attractive areas, needing extra maintenance. Anyone can own a commercial real estate property, making sure that they have the right knowledge, skills and attitude about its financial, legal and regulatory aspects, or who can employ people who have these qualities to manage your investment. If you want to invest directly, commercial real estate firms have a wide range of listings, and these can be found in websites. On the other hand, indirect investments can be done through real estate investment trusts similar to mutual fund, stocks or bonds.

Investors can make money through commercial real estate listings through the returns generated by rents collected from tenants. Commercial real estate investors can also break down the spaces into smaller units rather than sell it as a whole in order to generate higher return of investments. We are here to help you find the best commercial real estate property you are looking for.

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